Renters Insurance is essential!

We desire that our residents and their belongings are safeguarded in emergencies, ensuring they maintain utmost tranquility. For this reason, Keystone Management firmly requires that all our residents secure personal renters’ insurance.  Live with peace of mind that your belongings will always be safe.

Thinking of combining your insurance?

Bundling your renters insurance with your existing policy is a breeze.   We only mandate $50,000 in coverage, listing the property as additional insured, the resident’s name, and their address. Reach out to our office for further details on renters insurance.

Resident Shield Guide

Residents have the option to acquire insurance from a third-party provider or can consider Resident Shield, affiliated with Yardi. Resident Shield’s primary aim is to assist residents in choosing an insurance policy tailored to their requirements. Their plans safeguard against multiple hazards like fire, water, and wind. Residents can promptly access their policy details and effortlessly lodge a claim through the Resident Shield portal. However, these policies don’t encompass coverage for personal items. Resident Shield facilitates obtaining a quote and policy application simultaneously. Explore their website at residentshield or dial (800) 566-1186.
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